How can Rapid Transformational Therapy help me? 

How can Transformational Wellbeing Therapies help me?

Transformational Wellbeing Therapies helps women to overcome anxiety, low self-esteem, low self-worth, a lack of self-confidence, money/abundance blocks, birth & labour fears and spiritual issues by releasing fears, blocks and limiting beliefs, so they can become their most empowered self, full of self-love, bundles of self-worth, and to feel calm, peace and joy in life.  I use an amazing modality call Rapid Transformational Therapy to do this.

Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, nervous, stuck, fearful, blocked, have confidence and low-self worth issues, want to be more healthy and feel better, then I can help you!

Are you ready to:

  • Discover the root cause of your issue
  • Reclaim your power, your self-worth, your voice, your self confidence
  • Uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Rewire your mind for success and live a life full of self love, peace and calm
  • Be your best, most empowered self
  • Experience rapid, permanent change

Do you need to:

  • Heal your heart from emotional pain and inginte your self-love so you can feel again
  • Improve your health, wellbeing & overcome physical pain
  • Vaporize negative self talk, low self esteem & a lack of self confidence
  • Eliminate fear, clear any limiting beliefs holding you back & let go of self sabotage
  • Master and upgrade your mindset 

You will:

  • Heal yourself from negative feelings
  • Delete limiting beliefs and negative self talk
  • Hardwire inner drive and amazing self discipline & upgrade your subconscious mind
  • Remove the negative influences of other people and society
  • Open the flow of abundance and use the immense power of your heart and mind to attract what you choose


One Month Package – Investment in YOU £195 


  • A two hour (approx.) Rapid Transformational Therapy Session
  • Your personalised transformational recording, which you will listen to everyday for 28 days
  • 1 Check-up Support telephone call and several check up messages

(Available in Chester UK or any location Worldwide via Zoom Online.  A Client Information form will need to be completed upfront)

Discounts for OAP’s, Children 15 and under & Students


Journey of the Self 4 Month Package – Investment in you £595

This is for you if you are wanting to work on your self-esteem, your self-worth, your self-confidence, your self-love

What’s included

4 Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions (each session is approx 2 hours in duration and you will have 1 session per month)

4 Personalised Transformational Hypnosis Recordings (a new one issued following each session)

4 Check-up Calls (between each monthly session)


Month 1 – we have a session on Self-esteem/Self-worth/Self-confidence

Month 2 – we have a session on Self-love & Being Enough

Month 3 – we have a session on either Money Blocks/Abundance Blocks/Prosperity Blocks or Blocks to Success or Blocks to your Creativity

Month 4 – we have a session on an issue of your choice from the list below

Choose from

  • Any Health Issue you want to work on
  • Finding your Life purpose
  • Spiritual Issues – Intuitive or Psychic blocks, Blocks to your divine feminine/divine masculine, Blocks to your higher self, blocks to raising your vibration, Finding your Soul purpose, Chakra/Energy Centre Blocks (please note working on spiritual type issues can result in you going back to a past life in hypnosis)
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Overcoming any fears you suffer with, for example a fear of public speaking, fear of job interviews, fear of exams etc

Embarking on this Journey of the Self is an amazing thing to do for YOU, investing in your self development, it is a gift of self care & self love. 

Ask yourself these questions:

How would my life look FREE of low self-esteem,  low self-worth and a lack of confidence holding me back?

How do I want to feel, act, be?

What is having these issues costing me?

During this 4 month journey, I hold space for you and together we break through the blocks, barriers and fears that are holding you back from having high self-esteem, bundles of self-worth, and empowering self-confidence.  You will fill yourself up with self-love (once you have cleared your heart area, and opened up to divine self-love) you will feel empowered to move forward in your life, to shine your light.  Once you have mastered these things, life will flow much easier for you. You deserve to feel empowered, happy and free, feeling confident and living your fullest, truest and best life. 

Book your free discovery call now if you have questions or book and pay now and lets get a date booked in our calendars to start your Journey of the Self.