Exam Stress & Study Hypno-Meditation


The mind learns by repetition, so by listening everyday for at least 28 days your subconscious mind can form a new powerful positive mindset. Listen with earphones and do not operate machinery or drive whilst listening. For optimal results listen everyday for 28 days then occasionally thereafter | www.samblaney.com

Please note: People with epilepsy should avoid listening to hypnosis recordings.


The Exam Stress and Study Hypnosis Meditation Recording will help install new powerful positive suggestions about motivation to study, improving the memory and keeping calm in exam conditions. It’s like gifting your mind a computer upgrade.  The mind learns by repetition, so listen everyday for 28 days after purchase, then listen again everyday for 7 days in the run up to the exam. A one to one Rapid Transformational Therapy Session or a Personalised Hypnosis recording maybe more powerful depending on the issue.


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