1 Hour Energy Healing Session in Chester


My most popular in-person combined modality session as approx 30 minutes of Quantum Healing overlapping with approx 40 minutes of Reiki & Angelic Healing.

Reiki is also known as universal life force energy and is gentle and wise, channeled through the practitioners hands into the body, and always goes where it is needed for your highest good, encouraging relaxation for the mind and body, treats holistically and can be used alongside conventional medicine / medication, expanding treatment options.

Quantum Healing can be directed towards anything specific you want to work on, plus many other tools used such as a Cellular Level Healing, Nervous System Healing, Chord & Chakra healing & clearing and more.

Payment is by card and non-refundable. You will receive an email within 24 hours of payment to arrange a suitable date and time for your session, I look forward to meeting you, Sammy x

Quantum Reiki Therapies (0044) 7717 194402  |  Email contact@samblaney.com