By Sam Blaney October 2022

Imposter Syndrome happens to most of us, at some point in our lives, when we lack self-belief, have self-doubt, lack self-confidence or don’t feel good enough either in general or in a certain area of our life for example our job / career.  Imposter Syndrome means you think you are not good enough, you think you’re a fake, a fraud.

  • Are you worried people at work or in your social circle will find out you’re an imposter?
  • Do you want to go for a promotion at work, find your dream job, start a new business, find a new relationship, meet new people, move somewhere new, go travelling, attend a class or an event, or start a new hobby… do anything new but imposter syndrome…..not feeling good enough / self-doubt / a lack of self-belief / a lack of self-confidence is holding you back and keeping you stuck?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of those questions, then the world is missing out on YOU, your talents, your abilities, your skills, your compassion, your love. Stop waiting. You may just need some help to break through limiting beliefs, habits, old programs, thought patterns and blocks that are stopping you from believing it and believing in yourself.

People often say to themselves “I’ll wait to be better in that field, I need to study more, I need to know more, I need to read more books, I need more experience, I need more qualifications, I need to lose weight, I need to have more, I need to change this or that, I need to do …… first and never move forward and expand themselves, never attaining their goals or meeting their own needs, always waiting. If you wait to be perfect you could wait a very long time to pursue and achieve your needs, wants and desires. You are equal to any other human, you could wait a lifetime to think you need all the knowledge, the qualifications, the time, to look a certain way, when more often than not you just need the right mindset, the self-belief, the wil and to start making decisions and taking action.

When you have something of value to offer and you do, you can inspire others, you can help others, you can be recognized for what you have to offer, you can feel fulfilled in what you do, whether this is in your dream job or running your own business, embarking on new relationships, attending an event, going somewhere new, meeting new people etc. No-one else thinks you are an imposter, just you!

Marisa Peer, the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy says “The minds job is to make your thoughts real, we are run by our beliefs, every risk you take teaches you something, and the only way you can fail is failing to take the risk in the first place.  People who fail give up on their dreams, people who succeed keep going after mistakes and failures”.

So when you believe in YOU, then your clients / colleagues / family / friends / partners will also believe in you too.


Signs to look out for that you may suffer with imposter syndrome / IPS

Do you work too hard or too many hours, always trying to be perfect / are a perfectionist?

Is your work life balance out of sync?

Are you scared of being found out?

Are you very competitive?

Do you have to put on a fake bravado?

Do you need alot of praise?

Do you avoid showing your skills because you are fearful of criticism?

IPS sufferers often convince themselves they don’t deserve whatever it is they want to strive for, or there can actually be a block or limiting belief around success or a general fear of success. Is this you?

We don’t need to be perfect, perfect people are often the unhappiest and more often than not people don’t often warm to perfect people as it makes them feel inadequate or insecure.  You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone or need anyone’s approval. Real confidence comes from living your truth, living your purpose. If you work to many hours trying not to be found out you’re a fraud, you will likely end up with  burnout or be totally sleep deprived, then you really won’t perform well or have the motivation to take action on anything.  Burnout and long term stress, as I’m sure you already know, can cause anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, illness and poor health in general.

Ask yourself and write down

  • Why am I here, what is my purpose
  • What have I got to offer
  • What have I got to say
  • What are my skills, talents and abilities
  • What are my needs wants and desires
  • How good am I at making decisions and taking action
  • What do I love to do
  • How often do I sit in silence and listen to my inner guidance / my intuition
  • Do I need to invest in myself to breakthrough limiting beliefs, blocks and lack programs running in my subconscious mind keeping me playing small


Actions you can start to take

  • Learn to say no and set boundaries
  • Stop comparing yourself to others, you are the only you in this world, you are unique
  • Start listening to your gut feeling / your intuition
  • Start telling yourself positive affirmations about you everyday to re-wire your self-image – the most positive praise you will ever hear is the praise you say to yourself… I am good enough, I am worthy etc etc
  • Connect to your inner powerful self everyday, bring yourself into the now moment when doing this and stop thinking about the past and/or worrying about the future, otherwise you will miss your life.  Only the NOW moment is real
  • Have gratitude for all that you have achieved and have, this raises your energy vibration and begins to make you feel more positive


If you do need some help to change any negative critical thinking about you, to overcome limiting beliefs you have about yourself that have perhaps been installed in childhood, to breakthrough old patterns of behaviour and habits to reach your true powerful empowered self, to clear emotional and energetic blocks keeping you stuck, then a session of Rapid Transformational hypnoTherapy (RTT) & Quantum Healing would really benefit you.  (Please note RTT is only available via the 1 Month Package, where you will also receive several sessions of Quantum Healing. Quantum Healing can also be booked as single sessions). See the 1 Month Package section for further information.

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