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Free Discovery Phone Call For further information on what wellbeing therapies can help you & discover how my approach gives you that necessary powerful breakthrough to create big permamnent changes in your life
One Month Wellbeing Package Our One Month Wellbeing Package includes One Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session, a Personalised Transformational recording, check-up calls, a Reiki or Healing Vortex session, and a Healing Hypnosis Mediation recording.
Reiki Healing Session Reiki healing is channelled through the practitioner’s hands and into the clients’ body by the laying on of hands, or if the client prefers, the hands can be held an inch or so above the body. Reiki treats holistically and can be used alongside conventional medicine/medication, expanding treatment options.
2 Hour Rapid Transformational Therapy Session One Rapid Transformational Therapy Session, approx. 2 hours in duration, which includes your Personalised Transformational Recording. You will be asked to complete a Client Information Form prior to your session.


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