Rapid Transformational Therapy can reach breakthroughs via hypnosis that would not be possible to reach via altered language and self-talk. RTT is equipped with an array of techniques and tools that are crucial in communicating with your subconscious mind, discovering and accessing the root cause of the issue you want to overcome, then releasing and fixing the limiting beliefs, old emotions, feelings and pain that may still be held there. You cannot fix what you don’t understand and RTT works by first understanding how you got your issue and then freeing you from them.

Using hypnosis to get in a relaxed state, clients are able to access the sub-conscious mind to locate the past events, limiting beliefs and past feelings that are the root cause of the issue.  You could have formed these beliefs in childhood, during teenage years or as an adult, through experiencing mild or severe upsetting and/or fearful events, for example, negative critical comments, meanness, bullying, arguments, divorce, abuse, neglect, trauma, grief, relationship breakups, abandonment etc.

These old issues, beliefs and patterns have been working away in your subconscious mind, rather like a computer program running your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviours that absolutely no longer serve you today.

Once old limiting beliefs, feelings and patterns are identified and understood, we work on giving your mindset an upgrade, by installing new positive beliefs, empowering suggestions, statements and affirmations.

If you are in physical or emotional pain you want results, RTT aims to deliver permanent change in just 1 to 3 sessions of RTT per issue.  You will also receive a bespoke transformational hypno-heal recording to listen to for 21 to 28 days post your RTT session, because the mind learns by repetition, so old habits can be broken and new ones formed. The healing element in your personal recording will activate the body and mind’s ability to start restoring itself to wellness.

RTT sessions with me can support the following:

  • anxiety & overwhelm
  • a lack of confidence
  • a lack of self-belief / imposter syndrome
  • not feeling good enough
  • a lack of self esteem / self worth
  • a lack of abundance / money blocks
  • low mood
  • procrastination / lack of motivation
  • fears & phobias
  • unexplained pain in the body or emotional pain


Are you feeling stressed, anxious & overwhelmed, down, in pain, fearful or stuck?  Or are you suffering with feeling not good enough, riddled with self doubt & playing small, feel like an imposter, lacking in confidence and self-belief and this holds you back in life? Do you want to breakthrough and heal the issue, root cause limiting beliefs and feelings around it so you can move forward?

Then along with your participation, I can help you to breakthrough to feeling better, calmer, to have more positive thinking around this issue (which is the key…your thoughts become your reality), along with increased clarity, vitality and empowered motivation to move forward in your life. You deserve to feel and be calmer & happier, more connected, have greater inner peace and allow life to flow much easier.  


RTT and Energy Healing together in my one month package is especially beneficial if you are suffering with anxiety, stress and overwhelm.  If life’s stresses have left you feeling overwhelmed and/or anxious, you’re not alone. In 2018, an online poll by YouGov – the largest known study of stress levels in the UK – found that 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. Though in our fast-paced, ever-connected world, some level of stress is to be expected and actually is becoming almost the norm, an overload of stress can have devastating psychological and physical affects on your body. The YouGov study revealed that 51% of adults who felt stressed reported feeling depressed, while 61% reported feeling anxious. Of the people who said they had felt stress at some point in their lives, 16% had self-harmed and 32% said they’d had suicidal thoughts and feelings. In addition to mental trauma, stress that’s left unchecked can also contribute to many physical health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, gut issues, anxiety, depression and unexplained pain in the body. Although we can’t always remove ourselves from the external stress factors we face, it is possible to work on our reactions to them. Crucially, we can also look at cutting down on the internal stress we inadvertently place on ourselves. Try deep breathing/breathwork, walking in nature, meditation, doing some fun things just for you, more nutrition in your diet and staying more hydrated – drink more clean filtered water, and setting boundaries with others like saying NO to things that you really do not need to be doing, book in for a powerful combined session of Quantum Healing & Reiki, which will really help do some clearing of energetic and emotional blocks to aid calm and relaxation. If you feel you need to uncover the root cause of issues such as overwhelm, anxiety, a lack of self belief or confidence, as well as help to calm your negative thinking, overactive mind and upgrade any limiting beliefs keeping you in these patterns, the one month package will be very beneficial, where you will receive both RTT & Quantum Healing.


Are you feeling

ready for change – are you ready and committed to create a life free from any issues keeping you stuck and held back, feeling a lack in certain areas of your life, feeling fearful, worried, overwhelmed from over thinking or anxious too often? You may feel disconnected from your inner self, your higher self, from others, from source energy and it’s time to re-connect.

You would

love to create balance in your life, feel more fulfilled and content, more motivated to take action on your goals, to feel more confident & empowered, feel good enough and happy with who you are and what you can do & achieve, have increased self-belief, self-love, clarity & motivation, feel limitless & free to soar, to stop overthinking & have a calmer mind and to recode to more positive thinking, have vibrant energy and the motivation & confidence to take action on your needs, wants, dreams & goals, to move forward in your life, to re-connect to your inner self & intuition, free to shine your slight, speak your truth, to be your best limitless self….Imagine how that would feel!

Know that

If you are struggling and feeling stuck, down, lost, out of balance, un-motivated, fatigued, stressed, anxious, dealing with unwanted emotions or negative patterns of behaviour, then change is possible. Invest in yourself today and work with me via the One Month Package.


There are three types of change that can be experienced with using the RTT modality;

  1. Immediate: You feel a massive shift right away – changes in your physiology, thoughts and behaviours occur during the session itself.
  2. Incremental: You see consistent shifts every day, or over time.
  3. Retroactive: You don’t see the shifts right away and then one day you look back and see all of the things that are different in your life.


Please note RTT is only available via the One Month Package, please book in via appointments for your Welcome Session or email contact@samblaney.com to book or to ask any questions you may have. (Please see the 1 Month Package Section for more information).


Please note people with Epilepsy or Personality type disorders should not undergo Hypnosis/RTT.  I personally do not work with Complex PTSD, mental health issues such as bi-polar depression etc, severe ocd type disorders using the RTT modality. If you suffer from any of these issues, then you can still do the One Month Package & receive weekly Reiki & Quantum Energy Healing Sessions which are amazing for encouraging inner calm & relaxation of the body & mind and help release energetic & emotional blocks.


Compliance Notice:  RTT is endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Association of Complementary Therapists, the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and many other International bodies.