By Sam Blaney November 2022

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum Healing draws energy and high vibrational light frequencies from the quantum field / the zero point energy field, which some may call a space of infinite possibility, source energy, the field, the force, a higher consciousness, divine, spirit.

The body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself and quantum healing helps to maximize the body’s own capacity to heal.  With Quantum Healing the frequencies brought in are at a much higher frequency, thus enabling faster and more effective results.  Quantum Healing will go to the root cause and creates space for true healing to occur to help release physical, mental, emotional and energetic blocks, stresses or traumas that are ready to be released and healed, those which are keeping your from creating and living your best life.

As a Healing Facilitator, I work in the Quantum field, accessing your holographic blueprint to facilitate and activate change, using the modality of Star Magic Healing (there are several different modalities of Quantum Healing). I will work on facilitating the healing on multi-dimensional levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, helping to clear what no longer serves you.

Do you;

  • Suffer fatigue, lack of sleep, lack of energy
  • Procrastinate, lack motivation
  • Have acute or chronic pain
  • Want to rebalance mental, physical, and/or the emotional self
  • Seek self-awareness, self-growth, self-healing
  • Lack self-love and/or self-belief
  • Want overall better health and wellness
  • Feel at a loss in relationships
  • Need help healing deep-rooted trauma or blocked emotions or negative patterns of behaviour
  • Need help with inner child healing resulting from child hood trauma, upset and fear
  • Want to add an alternative method to their healing process
  • Need help to bring the mind, body, emotions & energies into balance

What Happens During A Session?

When you are navigated through this process of healing, your experience will be completely unique to you and you will be asked to set a strong intention/s towards your personal end goal. You will get comfortable in my therapy room or in the comfort of your own home if a distant healing session, you can even be sleeping. You will relax and let the healing happen.

You may;

  • feel tingling in your body
  • get hot or cold
  • receive clarity on something bothering you or a decision you need to make
  • have a release of blocked energy via stomach noises, heavy breathing or a pulling/pushing sensation, or perhaps a little shooting pain as a block is released, or a whooshing sensation around you
  • feel a little spaced out 
  • see colours or flashes of light in your minds eye
  • get buzzing in the ears
  • receive messages from your spirit guides/team
  • feel emotional as blocked emotions come up for release
  • fall asleep and feel nothing, and this is perfect for you
  • feel a beautiful sense of love, calm and relaxion 
  • feel a little tired or emotional following a session, and yet feel more vibrant, energised and free, you will be advised to not have much on following a session so you can be kind to yourself and just be


Is It Therapy?

By definition, yes, quantum energy healing is a treatment intended to relieve an emotional issue, blocked energy, pain or symptom. The technique offers many benefits whether an in-person session or a distant/remote healing from the comfort of your own home. Sessions usually last about an hour, which is pretty quick for intense energy shifts. you will be provided with the guidance and aftercare information. Since there is no invasive procedure being done, you won’t have to worry about rehabilitation time, although time to rest, drink water / keep hydrated and just be after a session is advised.

If you are taking advantage of a distant healing session, there is no distance too far in the quantum energy field. Your session will begin with discussing your specific needs via an intake form. Your Facilitator will create breakthroughs in your energy field and body to clear out what no longer serves you. From there you will start experiencing an energy shift and can then take more loving responsibility for yourself and your energy, after all we are all made of energy…atoms, molecules etc all vibrating together to create our amazing physical form.


Following a Quantum Healing Session

Your end result will be successful, more so if you believe it to be so. The quantum energy healing session will give you an clearing, with the aim for you to take more positive loving action for yourself everyday, to achieve an overall positive mindset on your health and well-being, an improvement in your thinking, your relationships and sleeping habits, your eating and most importantly continuing to release what no longer serves you, healing the mind, body and energy, which is the key to true healing, so you can move forward in life, feeling more relaxed, energetic/ increased energy levels, vibrant and calm, creative and ready to take action on your goals, needs and wants, to be in the frequency of true abundance and live your best life.


Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Having mindfulness, positive beliefs, positive thinking, a healthy nutritious diet, exercise, good water intake/hydration, self-care and your connection to your higher self and source, all play a huge role in any healing process, and believing that the mind, body and spirit work together for true healing and balance. There is still skepticism around this topic from people who don’t believe or have any faith in their inner self or a higher consciousness or that there is even a root cause to any issue.  We need the acceptance that there is a root cause, often a trauma to the emotional or physical pain that needs healing. Your mindset, beliefs and thinking plays a huge part – A Harvard study discovered that 50% of a control group, given a placebo, had the same effect as those who took the real drug.  Master your thoughts, master your life.

There is no getting away from the thoughts you think in your mind creates every emotion you feel. E-motion = energy in motion.  We are such strong and powerful beings that we can learn to influence and control our thoughts to be positive, resulting in more positive emotions and behaviours. Sometimes we just need that extra helping hand to assist us, especially those who have suffered with trauma, grief, heartbreak, upset, procedures, operations, illnesses, medications and chronic pain, are often left feeling like they have nothing to lose and so practices such as energy healing, quantum healing, reiki, massage, mindfulness, grounding, breath work, meditation, re-connection with your inner self, your intuition, your heart, source, yoga, tai chi, chi-gong, eating healthily, drinking plenty of pure water, walking in nature, taking control of your thoughts, minimising exposure to Wi-Fi and harmful emf’s (electro magnetic frequencies), all these type of practices can help you manage your health and wellbeing.



The modality of Quantum Healing I use is called Star Magic Healing. “Star Magic Healing is a powerful, multidimensional healing modality that merges the science of subtle energy and quantum physics with the incredible power of focused intent. Through using high-vibrational, star-encoded frequencies, Star Magic facilitates healing on a cellular level while enabling deep emotional detoxification and expansion in consciousness. You will be empowered to challenge yourself, tap into your true potential and live your purpose. Expect to experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual upgrades. Expect your life to change.” Star Magic Healing is a powerful energy healing modality that enables a Trained Facilitator to access your holographic blueprint and activate change that will create physical, mental and emotional results quickly.

To experience a life-changing energy shift… Make the Investment in YOU and book a session either via my online Appointments  (payment is by card) or for more availability please email or message via Text, What’s app, Signal or Telegram on (0044) 7717 194402


*Please Note: any type of holistic healing modalities is not intended to replace medications or practices given by a medical professional, but rather an addition/to compliment overall recovery and healing.  Please do consult a medical professional if you are suffering severe mental health issues, infection or illness.

How to book

Several sessions of Quantum Healing are provided in the 1 Month Package to help you feel increased energy, clarity, connection, contentment and vitality to move forward in your life or Book your In-Person or Distant Quantum Healing Session via Appointments, or Email or Message on (0044) 7717 194402

Sam Blaney

Sam Blaney

Natural Healer


I am a natural healer based in Chester. I’m passionate about helping people self heal by overcoming limiting beliefs, emotional and energetic blocks to live an empowered life free of limitation.

As a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner, an accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator and certified Rapid Transformational Therapist / Hypnotherapist, my mission is to help you heal energetic & emotional blocks, fears and limiting beliefs – to create breakthroughs either via my 1 Month Package or through Energy & Quantum healing sessions whether in-person or via powerful distant healing sessions.

DISCLAIMER: always consult a medical professional for acute infections, illness, injury & severe mental health issues.