Group Healing Circle Chester


Once a month in Upton-by-Chester, UK.

NEXT ONE: THURSDAY 1st  AUGUST, 7.30pm to approx 8.45pm. We will meet in the build up to the powerful Lions Gate Portal which happens 8/8.    AVAILABILITY: Spaces available.

AGENDA: Setting sacred space, setting our intentions, a guided healing meditation, followed by each person receiving a 1-1 Healing activation for a few minutes as I go around the circle. On some occasions there maybe a group exercise or tools given to help us release & keep in better balance in everyday life.  These group sessions will help you to release what no longer serves you in that moment and assist in raising your energy vibration frequency to be in better flow, with increased clarity, calm, inner peace and self-love.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a yoga mat (or you can sit on a chair), cosy blanket and a cold drink or a flask of something warm, as the last half an hour we can chat amongst ourselves if you’d like, of course if you have to leave promptly then please do so.


BOOK TODAY & RESERVE YOUR PLACE: Come and be around like minded people in a safe sacred space where we can meditate, release, heal & grow.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduces levels of stress and anxiety
  • Encourages deep relaxation so the body can go into self-healing mode
  • Promotes feelings of inner peace and promotes deep sleep
  • Enhances creativity and clarity
  • Helps to release & balance emotions
  • Can help to reduce physical pain and boost the immune system
  • Focuses the mind and increases concentration
  • Can help to lower blood pressure and increase the blood flow to the brain
  • Helps to calm the mind and overthinking
  • Can help you to connect you to your intuition, higher / inner self / your I AM presence, your guides
  • Gives your energy a reset which benefits you and those around you
  • My guided healing meditations will bring in healing energies through me as the channel and through you with your powerful will, intention & visualization and will help you to raise your energy vibration to help you feel more vibrant, calm, in flow & balanced


Book here today, payment is by card. Once payment is made you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with further details about the venue. No refunds are available once payment is made, however if you give at least 24 hours notice of non-attendance, you will be forwarded to a future group healing with availability.

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