Bespoke Hypno-Heal Recording


The mind learns by repetition, so by listening to your bespoke hypno-heal meditation recording everyday for at least 28 days your subconscious mind will be upgraded by installing new positive powerful affirmations and statements to form new powerful positive thinking and mindset, instilling calm, relaxation and healing using the power of your imagination and intention during this recording. |

Your Bespoke Hypno-Heal Recording will be approx 30 minutes in duration. Once purchased, I will email you a questionnaire to complete to assist with your bespoke recording. This will then be written, recorded and emailed to you within an agreed timeframe.

Please listen with earphones and do not operate machinery, chop food or drive whilst listening. For optimal results listen everyday for 28 days then occasionally thereafter |

Please note: People with epilepsy should avoid hypnosis / listening to hypnosis recordings.


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