Why get a distant healing treatment?

We are all made of energy and just as prayers, sound and light travel through space, so too can energy healing frequencies, where the Facilitator/Practitioner can connect to the recipient to work on their energy body, harmonising the energy on all levels. Energy transcends the limitations of the mind and knows exactly where it is needed the most, it works across time and space making distant healings just as powerful as in-person healings, helping you to release blockages to re-balance the mind, body and energy body, to ignite greater inner peace, wellbeing, vitality and personal growth.

As a Healing Facilitator, I work in the Quantum field, accessing your holographic blueprint to facilitate and activate change, using the modality of Star Magic Healing.  I will work on facilitating the healing on multi-dimensional levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, helping to clear what no longer serves you. 

“Star Magic Healing is a powerful, multidimensional healing modality that merges the science of subtle energy and quantum physics with the incredible power of focused intent.  Through using high-vibrational, star-encoded frequencies, Star Magic facilitates healing on a cellular level while enabling deep emotional detoxification and expansion in consciousness. You will be empowered to challenge yourself, tap into your true potential and live your purpose. Expect to experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual upgrades. Expect your life to change.

For the last part of the session I channel and intend the energies to you through the modalities of Reiki Energy Healing & Angelic Healing, which are powerful yet subtle energies for aiding sleep, stress, overwhelm, fear & anxiety, releasing energy blocks and bringing a sense of calm, inner peace & relaxation and helps integrate all the work done with ease and grace. You will also set your own powerful intentions of where and what you want the energies & frequencies to help you to release, clear, heal & upgrade.



Increase energy levels, motivation, clarity, vitality, inner peace, relaxation & calm

Receive an energetic MOT

Improve your health & wellbeing

Receive energy healing to support you through a period of illness, upset, stress, worry, overwhelm or anxiety

Feel more vibrant & empowered

Improve sleep & mindset

Raise your energy vibration to attract more positivity & abundance into your life

Improve or attract new relationships

Feel more empowered & confident to speak your truth & stand in your power

Raise your energy vibration to strengthen intuition & connection to your higher self

Heal & Clear on multi-dimensional levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, helping to clear what no longer serves you

Bring your mind, body and energy into balance (which is the key to true self-healing)


What may happen during a session; (you will be asked to complete a client intake form to say what you want to work on)

Receive a Cellular Level Healing & a Nervous System Healing to the physical body  |  Receive healing energy & frequencies to any physical issues, pain in the body or illness  | Receive healing energy & frequencies to any emotional issues you are going through or emotional blocks you may have buried and not dealt with, for example grief, upset, sadness, anger, resentment, jealousy, guilt, shame etc  |  Receive healing energy & frequencies to issues you maybe struggling with such as low mood, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, fatigue, fear, worry etc  |  Upgrade limiting beliefs i.e I’m not confident, I lack self belief, I lack self worth, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, I’m not deserving, I’m not safe, I’m not motivated, I’m lazy, I lack abundance etc | Clear energetic blocks stuck in the body, the mental or emotional body  |  Dissolve emotional blocks & suppressed emotions that come up for healing & clearing  |  Cleanse the Aura (the energy field around your physical body)  | Clear and balance energy blocks in your energy centres / chakras  |  Release old patterns of self-limitations that come up for clearing & healing  |  Clear any past life issues that come up, holding you back in this life  |  Dissolve unwanted energetic chords to others / past relationships keeping you stuck or held back  |  Clear negative energy attachments in your energy field / chakras (these can cause low energy, low mood, negative & fearful thinking & addictions), note this will only be looked at if you book more than 1 session, as a follow up/check up is needed  |  Receive Inner Child Healing where any younger selves step forward for healing or if you know of a particular age where you suffered a trauma or upset, then we can work on that age  | Plus whatever else comes up for for healing and clearing for your highest good | Plus Reiki & Angelic Healing can be channeled/sent to you towards the end of the session to aid relaxation, calm and to help integrate all the energies and work done.


Investment in YOU;

DISTANT / REMOTE HEALING 1.5 Hour Session £75 (time includes a brief post session voice note, sent within 24 hours of the session to explain what was done and if anything in particular came up for healing & clearing) – Click & Book here online via the Shop

(You can also choose a 1 hour Session which consists of 30 Minutes Quantum Healing & 30 Minutes Reiki Energy Distant Healing £55, however for your first session it is advisable to book the 1.5 hour session for 60 minutes of Quantum Healing followed by approx 20 minutes of Reiki).

You will need to provide an up to date digital head shot photo and complete a digital intake form so you can state if there is anything in particular you want to work on, send the healing energies to assist you and help heal and clear. It is advised to be somewhere where you will not be disturbed at the date and time agreed for your session, or you can even be sleeping).





Invest in YOU

Achieve increased energy, clarity, connection, contentment, inner peace & vitality.

Book your session; Message me via Text, What’s App or Signal on (0044) 7717 194402

Sam Blaney

Sam Blaney

Natural Healer

I am a natural healer based in Chester UK and available for powerful distant / remote healings. I’m passionate about helping people self heal by overcoming limiting beliefs, emotional and energetic blocks to live an empowered life free of limitation.

Samantha Blaney is a trained Quantum / Star Magic Healing Facilitator (and achieved accreditation back in 2021. Star Magic Healing is a powerful energy healing modality that enables a Trained Facilitator to access the holographic blueprint and activate change that will create physical, mental and emotional results quickly. Samantha is also trained in the healing modalities of Reiki levels 1, 2 & 3, Angelic Healing & Theta Healing.

Book your Powerful Distant Healing session via Appointments or the Shop, or please email contact@samblaney.com or Message me via Text, What’s App, Signal on (uk +44) 07717 194402. 

DISCLAIMER: always consult a medical professional for acute infections, illness, injury & severe mental health issues.


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