One Month Package

One Month Package

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Your 3 sessions will be spread over the month and includes;

  • An Initial approx 45 minute Welcome Zoom Call – we will discuss what you want to work on / what your intentions are. I can then answer any questions you have and we will book in the dates for your 3 sessions.
  • 1x Rapid Transformational hypnoTherapy (RTT) approx 2/3 hour session (Please go to the Blog for further information about the RTT modality, click link on yellow button below. RTT is only available via this 1 Month Package and this session is to work on an issue you want help with such as anxiety, lack of self belief, fears etc and we will work on Limiting Beliefs, the Mindset & the Inner Child)
  • 2x Powerful Quantum Healing (& Reiki Energy Healing) approx 2 Hour Sessions (in-person or as a powerful distant / remote / virtual healing & zoom chat or phone call). Healing treatment time will be approx approx 75 minutes, plus approx 30 minutes for a Pre check-up & Post treatment chat about anything in particular that came up for healing & clearing, followed by any tools & handouts needed and any actions you may need to take moving forward to keep your energies, mind and body in balance.   The Healing treatments will cover Limiting Beliefs & Inner Child Healing, Chord removal, Chakra & Aura Clearing & Healing, Cellular Level Healing, Nervous System Healing & healing energy to any Physical issues you maybe experiencing, Energetic & Emotional block clearing, any Past Life or Ancestral issues that come up for some healing, plus anything that comes up for your highest good to have healing sent to and any specific or emotional issues or negative patterns you want to work on, which we can discuss in your initial Welcome Zoom Call.
  • 1x Bespoke Transformational Hypno-Heal Recording, this comes as a very important part of the RTT session, however if you do not want an RTT session I will do a Bespoke Hypno-Heal Recording for you and you can have a 3rd Healing sessions instead of RTT. You will need to commit to listen to this recording everyday for 28 days, to upgrade your mindset with new positive beliefs, suggestions and affirmations.
  • 2x Check-ups with tools & handouts to equip you to keep your energies, mind and body in balance moving forward (which will be at the start of Treatment/Energy Healing Sessions).
  • 2x Healing & Clearing Meditations to use after you finish working with me to help keep yourself in balance energetically


During the Package I will be using the modalities Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Quantum Healing & Reiki Energy Healing which includes Chakra & Aura Healing & more, Guided Healing Meditations, A Bespoke hypno-heal meditation recording, plus check-up chats, handouts with tips and tools for you to use to keep your energies in balance moving forward.  This package will work on the mindset and limiting beliefs, the inner child, the physical, mental and emotional bodies, the chakras, the aura, and help release and heal old emotions and stuck energy.

We as humans have forgotten who we are, we need to re-connect with our higher selves, our inner self, our self love, self belief and divine consciousness and do daily spiritual hygiene tools, to raise our energy frequency vibration, which is the key to feeling in-balance, connected, content, calm and inner peace.

This Package is for you if you

  • If you have a particular issue you want to work on
  • Upgrade limiting beliefs, the inner child, old blocked energies and emotional blocks keeping you stuck, fatigued, anxious, overwhelmed, worried, in fear, low, or in pain and keeping you in a lower energy vibration
  • Have energetic & emotional blocks, fears, limiting beliefs, negative thinking holding you back
  • Want to work through any lack blocks i.e. lack of abundance, lack of self belief, lack of self-love, not feeling worthy or deserving etc
  • Would benefit from some information & tools to help you on your self growth journey, to re-balance, re-connect, expand & raise your energy frequency vibration


If you answered YES to any of the above, then this Package is for you

Are you ready to;

  • Upgrade to a more positive mindset
  • Experience positive change
  • Overcome limiting beliefs, negative thinking, old emotions & stuck energies holding you back
  • Feel more empowered & motivated
  • Reclaim you inner peace & calm
  • Open up to more self love, self care & spiritual connection


You can;

  • Discover, breakthrough & heal self limiting beliefs & old programs keeping you stuck in negative patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you
  • Know and believe you can upgrade your beliefs and thinking and you are ready to make the changes and take action to do so
  • Heal yourself from emotional blocks & suppressed emotions keeping you stuck
  • Value yourself enough to want to invest in YOU and your self-growth
  • Feel more connected, intuitive, empowered & motivated to take action on your needs, wants and goals
  • Bring your mindset, emotions and energy into balance which is the key to self healing
  • Raise your energy frequency vibration for spiritual expansion & deeper connection, so you can open up to the flow of love, abundance and use the immense power of your heart, thoughts & mind to attract what you choose


You will;

  • Clear out limiting beliefs & upgrade your subconscious mind with more positive beliefs, suggestions & affirmations
  • Go through a healing on multi-dimensional levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, clearing & healing what comes up as no longer serving you
  • Raise your energy vibration to feel more in-balance, calmer, content & healthier, leading to increased wellbeing, vitality, clarity, inner peace & self-love



Are you ready to invest in YOU?

If this Package is for you, then book your Welcome Session, where we will discuss what you are struggling with, your intentions and book in the session dates, which can be taken weekly or fortnightly. Please book via appointments or by messaging (0044) 7717 194492 or emailing 

If you are not quite sure if this 1 Month Package is for you, what I would suggest is to book in for an Energy Healing Session via appointments and try one of these amazing sessions, I can also answer any questions you have about the 1 Month Package.

During the month you are working with me, the powerful Quantum & Reiki Energy Healing sessions can take place in-person or as a powerful distant / remote session where we agree a date and time for you to relax at home or somewhere you will not be disturbed. Following a distant healing session our Check-up / Guidance / What came up for healing and clearing chat can be via Zoom, Signal, What’s App or Telegram. If in-person sessions in Chester UK, we will have a post treatment session chat straight after any Energy healing or RTT. Any Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can be in-person or via Zoom.



Invest in YOU

Click the ‘Schedule an Appointment’ button below to book in your Welcome Chat. Or you can Email or message via Text, What’s app, Signal or Telegram (00 44) 7717 194402 to book or to ask any questions

Sam Blaney

Sam Blaney

Natural Healer


I am a natural healer based in Chester. I’m passionate about helping people self heal by overcoming limiting beliefs, emotional and energetic blocks to live an empowered life free of limitation.

As an accredited Quantum Healing Facilitator, qualified Reiki Master Practitioner and certified Rapid Transformational Therapist / Hypnotherapist (c.RTT, c.HYP), my mission is to help you heal emotional blocks, fears and limiting beliefs – to raise your energetic frequency vibration to create breakthroughs and help you feel more in-balance, content, motivated and connected, either via my 1 Month Package or through powerful energy healing sessions.  (I have also done trainings in Theta Healing, Meditation Teaching, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Access Consciousness and Angel Energy Healing, resulting in much self healing along my spiritual / learning journey, which allows me to channel powerful healing energies and frequencies and give useful tools and guidance).

DISCLAIMER: always consult a medical professional for acute infections, illness, injury & severe mental health issues.




Reiki and Quantum Healing

Reiki and Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing

These powerful Healing & Clearing Sessions can be carried out in-person in Upton-by-Chester or remotely as a distant healing from the comfort of your own home.

As a Healing Facilitator, I work in the Quantum field, accessing your holographic blueprint to facilitate and activate change, facilitating the healing on multi-dimensional levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, helping to clear what no longer serves you.


Do you want to :

  • Increase energy levels, motivation, clarity, vitality, inner peace, relaxation & calm
  • Receive an energetic MOT
  • Improve your health & wellbeing
  • Receive energy healing to support you through a period of illness or upset, stress, fear, anxiety etc
  • Feel more vibrant & empowered
  • Improve sleep & mindset
  • Attract more positivity & abundance into your life
  • Improve or attract new relationships
  • Feel more empowered & confident to speak your truth & stand in your power
  • Raise your energy frequency vibration to strengthen intuition & connection to your higher self
  • Bring your mind, body and energy into balance (which is the key to true self-healing)


During Sessions;

  • Clear energetic blocks stuck in the physical body, the mental and emotional body
  • Dissolve emotional blocks & suppressed emotions that come up for healing & clearing
  • Receive a Cellular Level Healing & a Nervous System Healing
  • Receive healing energy to any physical issues, pain in the body or illness
  • Release old patterns of self-limitations that come up for clearing & healing
  • Clear past life issues holding you back in this life (if they come up for healing)
  • Healing can be directed to receive an reset towards a particular limiting belief you may hold in the mind, for example I’m not confident, I lack self belief, I lack self love, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, I’m not deserving, I’m not safe, I lack abundance, Love isn’t available to me etc
  • Receive healing energies and frequencies to any emotional blocks or trauma you may have buried and not dealt with, for example grief, upset, sadness, anger, resentment, jealousy, guilt, shame, abandonment, betrayal etc and to emotional issues you maybe struggling with such as low mood, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, fatigue, fear, worry etc
  • Clear and heal energy blocks in the energy centres / chakras and cleanse the Aura (the energy field around your physical body)
  • Dissolve unwanted energetic chords to others / past relationships keeping you stuck or held back
  • Clear negative energy / attachments in your energy field / chakras or body (these can cause low energy, low mood, negative & fearful thinking & addictions). Please note this will only be looked at if you book a specific session for this)
  • Receive Inner Child Healing to your younger selves, where any younger ages step forward for healing or if you know of a particular age where you suffered a trauma or upset, then we can work on that area in particular
  • and whatever comes up for healing and clearing





Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is also known as universal life force energy and is gentle and wise, channeled through the practitioners hands into the body, encouraging relaxation for the mind and body, treats holistically and can be used alongside conventional medicine / medication, expanding treatment options.

Reiki Energy Healing can;

  • help anxiety, overwhelm & stress
  • aid relaxation, calm, inner peace & harmony
  • balance the chakras / energy centres
  • encourage a good nights sleep
  • help the body repair itself during and after illness
  • speed up wound healing i.e. after surgery or an accident
  • help encourage labour & birth

During Reiki Energy Healing sessions the energies come through at whatever level is needed for you and goes to whatever is needed for your highest good, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and uplifted.

For a deeper healing and clearing do choose the combined energy healing in-person session with both Quantum Healing and Reiki Energy Healing (or the Quantum Distant Healing session if you cannot travel to Chester).  I will channel powerful light frequencies, activations and angelic healing energies, making these sessions a powerful clearing and healing. The Reiki energy then helps to integrate all the energies with grace and ease.



Healing Session Types & Investment in YOU;


  • 60 Minute REIKI & QUANTUM HEALING Session: £55 – 1 Hour Treatment as 30 minutes Quantum Healing overlapping with approx 40 minutes of relaxing Reiki Energy Healing plus time for a brief pre & post session chat about what was done and if anything in particular came up for healing & clearing. A powerful general healing & clearing session with both energy healing modalities & my most popular in-person session type.  Click & book online here via Appointments
  • (Receive approx 15% discount if you book and pay for 3 of the combined sessions, £140 upfront payment, so just £46.66 per session. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whatever suits you best.  (If you require a deeper chakra clearing, inner child healing, and negative energy attachment removal, please choose the 75 minute Quantum Healing Session as more time is needed to cover all these tools, of course this £55 general healing & clearing session will be very beneficial for you).


  • 45 Minute REIKI Energy Healing IN-PERSON OR DISTANT Healing Session : £40  – Click & book online here via Appointments


  • 75 Minute QUANTUM HEALING Session: £75 – These sessions can be IN-PERSON or as a powerful DISTANT / REMOTE Healing (Reiki energy healing & Angelic Healing can also be brought in towards the end of the session and will really help to integrate all the work done, leaving you feeling relaxed and calm). Time includes a brief post session chat or voice note to explain what was done and if anything in particular came up for healing & clearing. (Discount available if you book & pay for 3 sessions upfront). Click & book here online via Shop


(Discount available for Children under 16, Full time Students with no/very low income, Adults & Senior Citizens on very low income)


Other Offerings


Next one: THURSDAY 1st  AUGUST, 7.30pm to approx 8.45pm. We will meet in the build up to the powerful Lions Gate Portal which happens 8/8.    AVAILABILITY: Spaces available.

AGENDA: Setting sacred space, setting our intentions, a guided healing meditation, followed by each person receiving a 1-1 Healing activation for a few minutes as I go around the circle. On some occasions there maybe a group exercise or tools given to help us release & keep in better balance in everyday life.  These group sessions will help you to release what no longer serves you in that moment and assist in raising your energy vibration frequency to be in better flow, with increased clarity, calm, inner peace and self-love.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a yoga mat (or you can sit on a chair), cosy blanket and a cold drink or a flask of something warm, as the last half an hour we can chat amongst ourselves if you’d like, of course if you have to leave promptly then please do so.

INVESTMENT IN YOU: £18, TO SEE DATES & TO BOOK YOUR PLACE click here shop ; Come and be around like minded people in a safe sacred space where we can meditate, release, heal & grow.

Benefits of Guided Healing Meditation;

  • Reduces levels of stress and anxiety
  • Encourages deep relaxation so the body can go into self-healing mode
  • Promotes feelings of inner peace and promotes deep sleep
  • Enhances creativity and clarity
  • Helps to release & balance emotions
  • Can help to reduce physical pain and boost the immune system
  • Focuses the mind and increases concentration
  • Can help to lower blood pressure and increase the blood flow to the brain
  • Helps to calm the mind and overthinking
  • Can help you to connect you to your intuition, higher / inner self / your I AM presence, your guides
  • Gives your energy a reset which benefits you and those around you
  • My guided healing meditations will bring in healing energies through me as the channel and through you with your powerful will, intention & visualization and will help you to raise your energy vibration to help you feel more vibrant, calm, in flow & balanced



Sessions can be in-person in Upton-by-Chester or via Zoom & Powerful Remote/Distant healings. Your 3 Sessions can be taken weekly or fortnightly. See One Month Package section for more details.


Via the shop ;

75 Minute Quantum Healing Session

Monthly Group Healing Circle in Chester

Gift Vouchers

Healing Guided Meditations

Bespoke Hypno-Heal Recordings to upgrade the mindset and thoughts to be more positive

Holistic Baby Massage Classes in Chester



Other Information


Appointments Available

MONDAY 10.30am to 7.30pm | WEDNESDAY 10.30am to 7.30pm | FRIDAY 10.30am to 5pm | occasional SATURDAY’S 11am to 1pm |

Please click Appointments  to book online, where payment is by card, or pay via the Shop and we can arrange a date a time afterwards.  Please do NOT book any sessions via the online booking system within 2 hours of the appointment start time even if it shows as available, as I may not see the booking especially if I am already with a client, plus time is needed to send and complete the digital client intake form prior to your first session.  (If you are 2 friends or a couple wanting a 2 back to back appointments so you can come together, please select 2 appointments on the same day, I can then re-arrange the times with you to be closer together if needed). If you cannot see an appointment time to suit you, please either Email or Message me via Text, What’s App, Signal on 07717 194402 for more availability where payment is via Online Banking, Paypal or Cash on request.



For IN-PERSON Sessions, I work from my lovely relaxing garden therapy room in Upton Dene, near the Countess of Chester Hospital with easy access & parking, or the Liverpool Road / Hospital bus stop is just a 5 minute walk & Bache Station 10 minute walk.

For DISTANT Quantum & Reiki/Angelic energy healing sessions, we arrange a date & time for you to relax at home or wherever you will not be disturbed, to receive the powerful healing energies and frequencies, plus you will receive a voice recorded message to tell you if anything in particular came up for healing & clearing and what was done, or if you prefer a chat over zoom this can be scheduled in. You will need to complete a digital client intake form and provide an up to date digital head shot/photograph before your distant / remote healing session.





Book in for a powerful energy healing & clearing


Message 07717 194402

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Sam Blaney

Sam Blaney

Natural Healer


I am a natural healer based in Chester. I’m passionate about helping people self heal by overcoming limiting beliefs, emotional and energetic blocks to live an empowered life free of limitation.

As a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner, an accredited Star Magic Quantum Healing Facilitator and a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist / Hypnotherapist (c.RTT, c.HYP) my mission is to help people heal energetic & emotional blocks, fears and limiting beliefs – to help people on their healing journey to raise energy frequency vibration to create breakthroughs, inner peace, calm and greater vitality, either via my One Month Package or via powerful energy healing sessions. (I have also attended training courses in Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta Healing, Access Consciousness, Meditation Teaching and Angel Energy Healing). 

Samantha Blaney is a trained Reiki Master Practitioner and a trained and accredited Star Magic Healing Facilitator.

Star Magic Healing is a powerful energy healing modality that enables a Trained Facilitator to access your holographic blueprint and activate change that will create physical, mental and emotional results quickly.

Reiki is also known as universal life force life force energy, channeled through the practitioners hands and into the body for greater relaxation and wellbeing.


​DISCLAIMER: always consult a medical professional for acute infections, illness, injury & severe mental health issues.

Sam Blaney Chester